Year 5 BLOG 13th March 2020


Year 5 BLOG 13th March 2020

We have enjoyed a great 'Science Week' this week in Year 5! The theme of this year's Science Week was 'Our Diverse Planet'. On Monday, the children took part in an experiment to see how strong their sense of taste is! This involved blue food colouring and was lots of fun. Children found out if they were non-tasters, tasters or super-tasters based on how many 'fungiform papillae' they had. Did you know... Supertasters experience bitter tastes more strongly than other people; this is because they have a higher number of taste receptors within the fungiform papillae. These are the big pink bumps on your tongue that contain your taste buds and enable you to taste. We also enjoyed a very muddy trip to the wilderness to observe different invertebrates and what kind of habitat they were living in. On Thursday, we had a visiting science called 'Bonkers Bee'. She demonstrated how polymers work, showed us a water balloon experiment and at the end we all created our own slime!

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday,

The Year 5 team

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