Year 4 BLOG 28th Feb 2020


Year 4 BLOG 28th Feb 2020

We hope you all had a good break over half-term.

4C really enjoyed their visit to Turner’s House in Twickenham and Mrs Palamartschuk was delighted to be able to accompany them. They learnt about the artist and did some sketches, water colours and colour wheels. It is exciting that Turner is on the brand new £20 notes that are just coming into circulation. If you get one, perhaps you can show your child and they can let us know!

We finished our multiplication and division topic with more practice of short division and a test to check our understanding of everything we’ve learnt.

In English we went on the next stage of Oliver and Iris’s journey, which involved learning about sarcasm! We thought about what we know about our two main characters, drew a mysterious island and started our next diary entry.

In RE we learnt about the importance of pilgrimage for Hindus and their reasons for going.

Everyone contributed to the colourful work of art that is now on the front of the school and the Year 4 teachers were very proud that their classes were complimented on their behaviour and enthusiasm.

We started our new topic which is both historical and geographical - we are looking at settlements through time. This week we thought about when people first settled in Britain and what they would have needed to live.

Year 4 made an enthusiastic start to their new PE topic, tag rugby. We hope the weather improves next week and we are able to play outside.

Don’t forget to log in to and to complete your homework. That includes practising the words for next week’s dictation as well as daily reading, which should be recorded in the diary.

Have a good weekend!

The Year 4 Team

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